Trick or Treat? Or not?

Trick or treat, or not is the question I have come to reconsider as traditionay halloween was a day set aside for penance before the Holy Day of All Saints. How this day formerly a day of penance became a day of festivity and aswell as a day of mischeif and much higher rates of sin is interesting to me and the more thought I place on this the more doubt I have that it is a coincidence.

Halloween though a day that can be much fun also has many dark aspects to it and unfortunately it gets darker with each passing year it seems. The decorations get more gruesom and life like, the movies more diabolical, the revelry to such a degree that it could cause pagan cultures to blush with shame. Now the days of giving soul cakes as alms gifts to children from poor families is an entirely forgotten scenario all together.

I fear however that what has and is happening especially here in the states is that the culture of God is being entirely replaced with total securlarzation and I would argue that this is likely an organized effort from several sources, The Church has been placed in an obscure corner with babbling Bishops and Popes who have also adapted the religion of the secular state all under the banner of peace and so called love. Halloween has become a day that embodies the hatred and mockery of satan and his constant battle with Heaven which is why he chose to attack the Saints of the Church precisely on the vigil of All Saints Mass.

The enemies of God all become small facets of Satan and carry his banner into many realms, this day brings to mind one of the vilest enemies of God Martin Luther, who on October 31 offically released his heretical pestulance that would change the world forever spawning errors and evils untild thus leading countless souls to hell. This day marks a revolt against God and his Church! Gods justice will repay our iniquities in turn and im afraid will be so severe we will pray for death but it wont come soon enough.

What then do we as Catholics do with this day? The answer to this is seemingly complex though like most all things in the Catholic life it will require sacrifice and struggle it will be giving up social gatherings, parties, and for most of us child hood attachments to once thought harmless fun. We Catholics have become comfortable in the world and because of this we have became the world. In place of these secular entertainments we can baptize this day again in our family customs by placing emphasis on penance in season and celebrate our many Saints on the day Holy Mother Church has appointed and be inspired by their Holy examples and feast in their honor and pray that one day by Gods grace we may be counted among them.

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