America The Beautiful

Today, our country celebrates for lack of a better word a day known to us americans as independance day. Fireworks will be set off twirling into the sky, The all too familiar smell of smoldering charcoal in barbecue grills will fill the air as families gather about the back yard patio to join in todays traditional festivities that surround this event we have all grown up to love and cherish in our patriotic pride for our country.

As a child growing up in rural america I was taught to love this day and learned of the great fables of our fore fathers who bled the ground red to give us our great country. Though then i didnt fully contemplate of course the meaning of “the shot heard around the world” or what the declaration of independance actually symbolized or rather put into motion.

Now I have since grown into adulthood and as an American Catholic I dont quite understand how to reconcile this deep love for our country’s founding and devout love for the Church. The  truth is that I have found it cannot be reconciled.

No matter how much we want it to be painted as a beautiful piece of art worthy of admiration we simply cannot claim to love God and his Church while also rendering a salute to things such as “power is derived by the consent of the governed”. Power my friends is derived from God not from man. We the people in 1776 declared that we had the right to over throw our legitimate sovereign King to replace him with ourselves.

If I were a protestant this would make sense to me as once one takes it upon himsef to revolt against  the pope what power does a king have? However as a Catholic what happened in 1776 should be looked upon with sober eyes not blinded by the star spangled propaganda and see it as nothing more than glorified treason! Our sin made maniefest first in the declaration of independence and later in the constitution not only set our course to destruction skipping happily down a spiral stair with satan but  our pestilence spread to the world, thus all but directly leading to the french revolution where 40,000 Catholics were executed!

This doesnt mean however that we are not subject to the current government in place and infact we should follow her laws as she at this point still  supports the common good, though with serious errors.  We are Americans but we as Catholics must be Romans first as Christ is King and  governments only share in his divine authority and We the people have nothing to do with it really.

Democracy will fail,  as we are seeing this take place daily as our politicians and even our countrymen have no direction except that direction which leads to destruction, they squabble in a puppet show before us on paid for media outlets like entertainers as they all seek personal interests while appearing to care for the country and its citizens.

We must all pray for the conversion of all those in power so that through the eyes of Holy Mother Church they will see clearly to guide us into a new age. revolt only leads to another revolt  and is never from God.


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